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Jan, 2013 Complete full automatic scraper recycling sandblasting project for airport specialized equipment and put into customer’s use
Feb, 2013 Our company is awarded with top 100 enterprises and large taxpayer of Situan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai.
Mar, 2013 We provide automatic system service for force sandblasting, thermal spraying and coating equipment by cooperating with ABB and YASKAWA robot, and set up production-study-research center by cooperating with Shanghai Donghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Qinghua University, which become a strong technology supporting platform for Liangshi.
Apr, 2013 Coating environment protection and automatic technology exchange meeting associated with Huicong surface treatment web is held about the subject of environment protection, automation, technical innovation and future development of coating business.
May, 2013 Company apply actively for the honor of “Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise ” and “Shanghai Famous Brand Product”
June, 2013 Design and manufacture full-automatic sandblasting/zinc spraying/paint spraying booth project for our client, and system integrated sandblasting robot, zinc blasting robot and paint spraying robot successfully.
July, 2013 Design and manufacture catalyst vacuum stuff pumping equipment of national leading level, and apply to catalyst vacuum stuff pumping of domestic petrochemical business successfully.
Aug, 2013 After five years efforts, micro channel air conditioner aluminum flat pipe zinc coating system makes great breakthrough, we provide two sets of full-automatic one-out-of-six aluminum flat pipe zinc coating equipment which can paint 1 micron thick zinc coating. This marks that our electric arc peening and coating equipment has reached the international level.
Sept, 2013 Complete peening & coating & sandblasting booth project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and received once and for all, which set a good example in the business.
Oct, 2013 In order to narrow the gap between domestic surface treatment business automatic technology and international advanced level, and to guide domestic surface treatment and coating technology stepping towards automation, Liangshi sponsored a technology exchange meeting with ABB robot.

Nov, 2013Liangshi Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd obtains special equipment designing license (D1,D2 class pressure vessel design)

Jan, 2012 Headquarter moved to No.1117 New Siping Road (No.1288 Pinghai Road), Fengxian District, Shanghai , owns three subsidiaries, with a covering area of 57000 square meters.
Feb, 2012 Liangshi Hefei office is set up on Wangjiang Road, Hefei.
Mar, 2012 Provide 3 sets gearbox force shot blasting machine for Great Wall Automobile.
May, 2012 Provide robot auxiliary automatic work sandblasting, zinc coating and paint spraying system for an enterprise in Dalian, automatic industrial system reaches to a new stage and level.
July, 2012 Pass France BV certification ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certification.
Aug, 2012 Accomplish robot dry coating booth and VOC catalyst combustion device of
Sept, 2012 Our company becomes the membership of Shanghai Social Community
Oct, 2012 Design and manufacture stainless steel wet shot blasting booth of the national leading level for two nuclear companies of CNNC, the equipment is delivered to the customer for use after strict inspection.
Oct, 2012 Shanghai Liangshi Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd obtains special equipment manufacturing license ( engaging in the manufacturing of D1, D2 class pressure vessel)
Nov, 2012 Supply mental and non-metal mixed shot peening strengthening equipment for MIC top mental surface treatment company, the equipment adopts no-pit scraper recycling shots, and the equipment can separate metal and non-metal shots, which is suitable for strengthening shots used on large-sized shaped parts.
Dec, 2012 Our company obtains nine applicable new type patents authorization.
Dec, 2012 Establish technical cooperation relationship with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai Ninth Academy, obtaining an academic thesis "Compound process and its forming mechanism of classified multi-poles micro-nano structure on titanium surface" funded by National Natural Science Foundation.

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