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Dabie Mountain Red Tour – Liangshi Youth shook brigade visited Cha Wan geracomium of Xiao Tian Town at Mid Autumn Festival

        In October 4th, 2017, the Mid Autumn Festival, Shanghai Liangshi IntelRobot Technology Corporation (Stock code:837430 Accumulate richly and break forth vastly; innovate continuously ) Liangshi Youth shook brigade came to Cha Wan geracomium of Xiao Tian Town under wind and rain, sending holiday greetings to 30 five elderly people that live here.

        Shanghai Liangshi was founded in 1993, is a specialized manufacturing and automation systems integration company of design, manufacturing, engineering installation, engineering consulting. When developing the company, we‘ve always been grateful, not forgetting to repay our folks, we have been committed to social welfare activities all the time, we donated to poor households, poor students and public welfare donations amounted to 3 million yuan, receiving wide acclaim from all sectors of society.

        Dabie Mountains Red Tour of Shanghai Liangshi donated gifts that value 6600 yuan in the old revolutionary base, 33 old poor man are given 300 yuan for each, totally 9900 yuan, a total of 16500 yuan are donated. The amount of aiding the poor is not important, what important is the good spirit of love, the embodiment of good social responsibility. Just as one of our loving elder sisters says in Wechat, "kindness is a virtue, thanks to our Liangshi great family, let our love journey always on the way.".....


       About Shanghai Liangshi IntelRobot:
       Shanghai Liangshi IntelRobot Technology Corporation (Stock code:837430 Accumulate richly and break forth vastly; innovate continuously ) We provide surface treatment solution for global customers. Engaged more than twenty years in the industry, Shanghai Liangshi is a professional manufacturing and automatic system integration enterprise, specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing, project installation and project consulting. We can provide our customers with:
        1. We provide process system solution and process equipments of surface treatment shot blasting, thermal spraying, coating equipment.
        2. We provide professional process system solution and process equipments of digital control automation and robot technology application.
        3. We provide professional Integrated solution for pressure bearing system in fields of food dairy, biopharmaceutical, refrigerating, petrochemical, marine engineering, energy, paper-making, fabrics, etc.
        4. We provide environment protection blasting and painting equipment: process solution and equipment of VOCs waste gas, waste water, dust, noise treatment system.
       Leading products of our company are as follows:
       Main business: designing, developing, production and sales of surface treatment project system integration.
       Main products of six categories: automatic painting line, intelligent painting robot system, automatic shot blasting line, intelligent shot peening robot system, automatic thermal spraying system, energy saving and environment friendly painting equipment.
       The products are mainly used in the fields: new materials, new energy, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing, container, marine engineering, aerospace, port bridge, electrical appliances, environmental engineering, printing and papermaking machinery, medical machinery, textile machinery etc.
       The surface engineering system integration produced by our company has the characteristics of intelligence and automation, and it can realize the automatic control of industrial production process, so it belongs to the automatic equipment. According to the "high-end equipment manufacturing industry" that defined by the“125 plan” , it mainly includes high value-added high-tech equipments that required by the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of strategic emerging industries, products of our company belongs to the high-end equipment, which is a strategic industry to provide technology and equipment for other sectors of the national economy


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