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Abrasive recycle filtering separating system
Shot and sand separator
       The advanced LSBE type full curtain shot and sand separator consists of separating area, shot storage, manual shot control valve.
       he shot and sand separator is developed by many years of practical experiences, which is the latest type shot and sand separator.
       he shot and sand separator is the key part of shotblasting equipment, the designed dimension of separating area affect directly the separating effect of separator. If the separating effect is bad, it will accelerate the abrasion of shotblasting blade/ shotblasting nozzle, lower the lifetime and increase the maintenance cost.
       The working principle of shot and sand separator: the shot and sand mixture flew from the hopper elevator, conveying to the upper part of separating area to make it distribute evenly along the separator, forms a waterfall-like sand and shot curtain. Meanwhile, the dedusting fan draws air by the inlet of separator, based on gravity air separation principle, the shot and metal oxide crap, broken shot ,dust effective separated, the separated shots fall into the silo for next recycling. Adjust the gap between the vertical and transverse adjusting back plate of separator, could improve the height and track of fabric layer, with adjusting back plate of separating area, it will have a good separating effect with separating efficiency up to 99%.
Model Treatment Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Treated Air Volume(m3/h)
LSBE-15-1.1 15 1.1 3000
LSBE-30-2.2 30 2.2 5000
LSBE-60-5.5 60 5.5 8000
LSBE-90-7.5 90 7.5 12000
Shot and sand separator
Shot and sand separator

LSC belt conveyor
       LSC belt conveyor is a new type developed in recent years according to research of abroad similar products,  with the advantage of large conveying capacity, tight structure, convenient to maintain, low cost, low breakdown, strong universality, which is widely used in the manufacturing of ship, metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower industry, for transporting bulk material. Up and down guard board roller unit, tail wheel tension device, conveyor tape,etc.
       The belt conveyor manly consists head driving device, head middle shelf, up and down idler set, rear wheel tension device, conveyor type.
Model Belt’s Width(mm) Power(kw) Speed(m/s) Transport Capacity(t)
LSC-400-3.0 400 3.0 1.0 > 20
LSC-400-4.0 400 4.0 1.0 > 30
LSC-400-4.0 500 4.0 1.0 > 60
LSC-400-5.0 500 5.5 1.0 > 90
belt conveyor
belt conveyor

LDG hopper elevator

This elevator consists of upper area, middle casing, down district,(with tension roller), driving device(with transmission roller), tape, hopper. Characteristic as follows:
The casing is folded and welded structure. Maintenance door is set at the side, while active door is set in front and side of the casing.
Blanking by centrifuge gravity way.
Adopt polyester wire core exclusive conveyor belt, with high strength and stretch resistant.
The belt wheel is rat-caged structure, increase the friction between the type and belt wheel, automatically guide the elevating belt to gather to the middle and prevent running deviation, thus lengthen the lifetime, meanwhile prevent the dispersed shot to embed between the belt wheel and belt to effect transmission.
Impulse wheel is installed on the shaft under the elevator to test the working status of elevator, in order to feedback the signal to PLC processing timely and ensure safe operating of equipment by alarming.

Elevating quantity is retained of 10%.
Model Belt’s Width(mm) Power(kw) Speed(m/s) Lifting Scale (t) Lifting Height (m)
LDG160 200 4 0.84 15 ≤ 20
LDG250 300 7.5 1.05 60 ≤ 30
LDG350 400 7.5 1.25 90 ≤ 30
LSC hopper elevator
LSC hopper elevator


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