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Thermal spraying labor protection and supplies accessories

Financial shot spraying harmful factors
Shanghai Liangshi Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to continuous development and progress of the process equipment, the same continuing commitment associated with that process synchronization of the leading domestic level.
In the & ldquo; beautiful China & rdquo; circumstance ,as a member of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Association, liangshi deeper knowing shoulder the heavy responsibility!
During the thaw shot and spray coating process and coating pretreatment process,metal fumes and harmful factors dust, toxic gases, high-frequency electromagnetic fields, arc radiation and noise will endanger the environment and operators, we must develop appropriate treatment measures.

☆☆、 Protective measures to harmful factors
◇ Technical measures for ventilation
Ventilation technique is to eliminate the toxic dust hazards, effective measures to improve working conditions. It's role is to bring fresh air to the job site, and timely discharge of hazardous substances and contaminated air, make the job environment to meet the occupational health requirements.
General ventilation measures used for mechanical ventilation, and local mechanical ventilation is the most common.
In terms of ventilation equipment measures, liangshi generally designed according to user's actual recommended different dust removing system devices to meet the needs of environmental protection.

◇◇ Personal protective measures
Enhance personal protection measures, to prevent harm to the welding process produces toxic gases and soot are important.
Personal protective measures are eye, nose and mouth, ears, parts of the body for protection, protective equipment commonly have glasses, masks, ear protection, helmet, gloves, shoes, clothes.
In the personal protective measures, liangshi have all kinds of protective equipment and supplies to meet operator needs personal protection aspects.

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