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Passenger vehicle transmission gear/engine gear CNC powerful blasting machine

Shanghai Liangshi provide a passenger vehicle gear CNC shot peening machine for a well-known car company. This set of transmission gear / engine gears CNC powerful shot peening machine system consists of high wear shot peening chamber body, Double warehouse continuous type projectile generator, rotary workpiece carrier, multi-axis robot arm guns automatic feeding device. Using horizontal scraper recovery, vertical bucket elevator type pellets recovery system, multi-stage vibrating sorting system,wet Venturi Cleaning System and CNC numerical control electrical system and other components.Currently ,the set of gear CNC shot peening system successfully passed the the acceptance of the automobile manufacturers and has been put into a stable and efficient operation.

Auto gear is made of teeth, tooth, bottom surface, normal face, tip round, root circle, composed of pitch circle and base circle. According to their shape into cylindrical gears, bevel gears, of non-circular gears, rack, worm;By tooth profile is divided into gears, helical gears, Miter Gears, gear curve; press into gear in the gear tooth appearance; according to manufacturing methods can be divided into casting rolling gears, sintered gears, gear cutting, gear and so on.Manufacture of gear materials and heat treatment process of the gear bearing to weight and size has a lot of influence, not only with low cost and good performance at a high alternating load.In order to meet the special requirements you need to have a special process to establish, Shanghai liangshi gear powerful shot peening machine is one of a kind, its surface features to improve the performance of components, with protection of surfaces from damage of cyclic load at run time.
In CNC peening equipment, gear powerful shot peening machine is mainly used to improve the bending fatigue strength of gear teeth and an important method of contact fatigue strength, it is to improve the anti-seizure capacity of gear and an important way to increase gear life. Using high-speed movement of projectile flow (strong spray pills machine provides) on metal surface of impact and makes surface produced plastic cycle strain layer, which led to the layer of micro organization occurred dislocation, and appeared sub-boundaries and grain refinement phenomenon, makes surface implanted residual pressure stress field, the surface microstructure and residual stress are two strengthened factors to improve the fatigue reinforced metal parts of the fracture and stress corrosion cracking resistance, the results of the reliability and durability of the parts is improved.

passenger vehicle gear CNC shot peening machine

In modern society, the car has become an indispensable mode of transport. China since the reform and opening up, people's growing demand for cars, luxury cars already from the past into the present necessities of the people, even the girls are married to first ask whether the family has a car, from this point on will be able to see cars impact on modern life.While the gear is an indispensable part of automobile parts, we can say there is no gear would not be born of the car.Because the engine and gearbox is made up of a variety of gear, such as ordinary cars respectively, sometimes random gear and involute gear, helical gear.There is also a spur gear, although its ride quality is poor, but due to a transient meshing gear meshing line, power transmitted more directly suitable for race car to refit.But these vehicles the gear no matter how much their ability,if no special gear's equipment support, will not be able to realize the importance of the gear to the car.Shanghai liangshi strong blasting machine using shot peening to improve the bending fatigue strength of gear tooth and an important method of contact fatigue is to improve the anti-seizure capacity of gear and an important way to increase gear life.With the wide spread application, powerful blasting technology to increase fatigue strength and life of gears has been confirmed by many companies.

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