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The automatic spraying line of the transmission equipment of a wholly-owned Italian subsidiary in Shanghai is in installation

  Shanghai Liangshi Machinery has designed and manufactured the automatic spraying lines for motors, motors and reducers designed and manufactured by an Italian transmission equipment company and entered the installation and commissioning stage. The system spraying equipment is for ordinary suspension transportation. The maximum load is 1 ton, and the electric hoist is used. The upper and lower parts work, drive the workpiece forward through the hanging conveyor, enter the dry spray booth for painting operation, the workpiece is painted while walking, the painting is finished, the conveyor drives the workpiece into the leveling chamber, and the workpiece is leveled and leveled. The workpiece enters the oven under the traction of the chain, performs the drying operation, ends the drying, and performs a natural cooling to complete a lacquer operation.

     The company is a professional manufacturer of gear reduction motors, planetary gear reducers, motors and frequency converters. It is the largest manufacturer of gear reducers in Italy and enjoys an international reputation in the field of power transmission and control.



Automatic spraying line for reducer, motor and motor


Wind power reducer, motor, motor automatic spraying line completion photo


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