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Shot blasting robot/ multi-axis mechanical arms

Shot blasting multi-axis mechanical arms

The moving structure of spray gun adopts multi-axis mechanical arms, combining with the rotating of the digital control rotary turntable, enforcing the movement as settings in the shot blasting process can meet the shot blasting processing requirements.

According to Descartes principle of coordinate system of machine tool, it can define the spray gun multi-axis mechanical arms and workpiece moving axis.

X-axis is the transverse moving axis that is vertical to the digital control platform, route to be set.
Z-axis is vertical lifting axis of spray gun: route to be set
Y-axis is horizontal-longitudinal moving axis of turntable rail car, route to be set
A-axis is the swing axis moving around by spray gun: range-95 degree
B-axis is the axis of rotation of Y-axis spray gun: swing: ≥±180o
C-axis is the axis of rotation of Z-axis spray gun: swing: ≥±180o
Positioning precision of ach axis: X、Y、Z:≤±0.2mm,A、B:≤±0.2o

Repeated positioning precision of each axis: X、Y、Z:≤±0.1mm,A、B:≤±0.1o


Shot blasting multi-axis mechanical arms


shot peening robot

shot peening is led into the industry robot and controlling system as moving mechanism of spray gun, operating movement as requirement in the shot peening process.
At present, the international industry robot companies are divided into Japan and Europe series. Japan series are YASKAWA, OTC, Panasonnic, FANUC, NACHI, Kawasaki; the Europe series are German KUKA, CLOOS, Swedish ABB, Italy COMAU and Austria IGM.

Shanghai Liangshi has built long-term business relationship with ABB and YASKAWA.

Digital control shot blasting blind hole micro spear gun

Digital control shot blasting blind hole micro spear gun

Digital control shot blasting blind hole micro spear gun
Spear gun outer diameter Spear gun inner diameter Length of spear gun
0.087" 0.048" 3.0"
1/10" 1/16" 2.4"
1/8" 1/16" 7.0"
3/16" 3/32" 7.75"
1/4" 0.149" 11.0"
3/8" 1/4" 8.0",11.0"
1/2" 3/8" 11.0"
5/8" 7/16" 7.0",13.0",15.0"



Digital control rotary turntable

The digital control rotary turntable is used to convey the work piece in and out of the booth, and load/ fix the work piece in the shot blasting process.
The digital control rotary turntable is for automatic rotating worktable, on the table is fixed with abrasion protective rubber to protect the turntable and prevent damage of work piece.
On digital control rotary turntable it can set 6-8 clamping groove of radial pattern.
Digital control rotary turntable configures planet decelerator, rotary bearing, gear, driven to operate by servo motor, rotating speed to be set.

Digital control rotating turntable is installed on the rail, by decelerator motor drive it can enter the shot blasting room automatically.



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