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Shot blasting machine of floor cement road grinding

Floor sandblasting machine/ high-speed rail cement road grinding equipment series

LS230A/LS230B type floor sandblasting machine, is widely used in pre-treatment of coating floor construction, especially for sandblasting treatment of concrete floor and steel plate, the whole process is without dust pollution, it can remove the old coating, stains, meanwhile harden the hacking of floor and waterstone.


Equipment features:economical and practical, easy to operate.

Floor treatment completed for one time, high working efficiency.

Different treating effect can be obtained according to steel shot particle, flow, travelling speed.


Technical parameter of equipment:

Type LS230A LS230B
Voltage 380v 380v
Capacity 4kw 4kw
working width 230mm 230mm
Driving way Driving way Electric
Driving way 130kg 160kg


LS230 floor sandblasting machine
LS230A type floor sandblasting machine
LS230 floor sandblasting machine
LS230B type floor sandblasting machine


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